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Basic Earthmoving and Civil Design

Full developed for a large mining company a basic earthwork project where from the topographic survey defined the entire lease of the complete plant and the volumes of cut and landfill. It also elaborated the basic design of all the foundations and bases for installation of the plant.

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Commercial construction projects

Full Engineering has designed for the construction of its region projects of business buildings and buildings for large department stores. These projects involved foundations, concrete and metallic structures, water, sewage and electrical.

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Project of reforms of industrial buildings

Full Engineering has prepared for a large mining company, civil projects and industrial architecture for reforms involving locker rooms, offices, control rooms, portarias and administrative areas. These projects involved, in addition to civil engineering, all of the building infrastructure such as sanitary, electrical, network, security and SPCI.

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Air Conditioning System for Electric Rooms

A project of great importance was developed for a Brazilian cement industry. The project consisted of all the architecture and study of the environment for the electric rooms of the industry.

Important for the good operation of the plant, in the electric rooms are all the equipment that controls the automation, the operative machines and all the operation of the industry. So the air system is crucial to maintaining a controlled environment, free of heat and humidity for better performance of these equipments.

With the challenge in hand, Full sought the best professional in the market to develop a partnership, and hired a great engineer with extensive experience in electrical for industry.

Our partner did all the sizing and we did all the infrastructure, piping, lighting architecture, preparation for installation of equipment, positioning of appliances, exhaust fans, blowers. All the study of the environment.

It was a very fast project that lasted approximately 20 days, more than left marked in the history of Full by the complexity and success of the solutions developed.

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Silo reengineering

One of the great differentials of Full Engenharia – segment of the Group – is to offer our clients solutions in consultancy, with favorable cost and benefit. The control of expenses within companies, mainly industrial, is fundamental for business continuity. Full Engineering believes that a well-designed engineering study saves a lot of project execution time, as we will show in this cost reduction case.

Our team was asked to have a Silos Reengineering project. Our client expected a clinker and homogenization silo structure project that at the time of construction would have a reasonable cost. They had already done this project with another company, but they believed that the weight of the metal structure was exceeding what was necessary and that, in executing the project, it would raise higher expenses.