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Concrete Structures Recovery Project

Full Engineering carried out in 2017 two projects of recovery of concrete structures in port areas for a mining client.

These structures were degrading due to the maritime environment which is very aggressive. Our team devised solutions to recover the damaged areas without the need for operational shutdowns, which gave the client the peace of mind to continue operating normally. The solutions provided involved choosing the best recovery technique, the step-by-step recovery and the suggestion to execute the services.

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Operational Improvement Project, Coal Mill Conveyor

Full Engineering has designed for a large mining and lime manufacturing company an improvement project in the coal transport system from the storage area to the kiln. This project brought to the company a large reduction in maintenance costs and eliminated waste of material.

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Basic Earthmoving and Civil Design

Full developed for a large mining company a basic earthwork project where from the topographic survey defined the entire lease of the complete plant and the volumes of cut and landfill. It also elaborated the basic design of all the foundations and bases for installation of the plant.

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Commercial construction projects

Full Engineering has designed for the construction of its region projects of business buildings and buildings for large department stores. These projects involved foundations, concrete and metallic structures, water, sewage and electrical.

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Project of reforms of industrial buildings

Full Engineering has prepared for a large mining company, civil projects and industrial architecture for reforms involving locker rooms, offices, control rooms, portarias and administrative areas. These projects involved, in addition to civil engineering, all of the building infrastructure such as sanitary, electrical, network, security and SPCI.

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Industrial waste pipe

Full Engineering has developed for a Canadian gold mining company a conceptual design of industrial waste discharge. This pipe had more than 10Km that left its plant and discarded in a specific lake of treatment and responsibility of the mining company. This project involved the calculation of the pumping system, piping and valves.


Boiler for Patio Machines

A boiler project for the patio machinery of an African mining company was developed for a multinational equipment supplier. A very challenging and highly professional project, undergoing rigorous inspections of our client who appointed the project coordinator of Germany to follow the development of the project. The equipment consisted of an ore recovery and we carried out a parameterized project, where the structure can be used in several different machines, changing only some input data in the program, which automatically adapts the structure to another type of machine . 3D modeling of all structure and detailing in English using European standards for manufacturing in Europe was done.

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Air Conditioning System for Electric Rooms

A project of great importance was developed for a Brazilian cement industry. The project consisted of all the architecture and study of the environment for the electric rooms of the industry.

Important for the good operation of the plant, in the electric rooms are all the equipment that controls the automation, the operative machines and all the operation of the industry. So the air system is crucial to maintaining a controlled environment, free of heat and humidity for better performance of these equipments.

With the challenge in hand, Full sought the best professional in the market to develop a partnership, and hired a great engineer with extensive experience in electrical for industry.

Our partner did all the sizing and we did all the infrastructure, piping, lighting architecture, preparation for installation of equipment, positioning of appliances, exhaust fans, blowers. All the study of the environment.

It was a very fast project that lasted approximately 20 days, more than left marked in the history of Full by the complexity and success of the solutions developed.

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Bases and Foundations Project for Belt Conveyors

Full Engineering carried out in 2016 the project of bases and foundations for 29 conveyors of belts and 20 transfer houses for the expansion of a cement factory in Minas Gerais.


This project was carried out by subcontracting a construction company that carried out the work. Full Engineering takes great pride in this project which has brought to its client a very large quantitative reduction compared to the budgeted quantity. In total, 216 bases and foundations were calculated and detailed:


  • Reduction of 21% of the concrete volume planned;
  • Reduction in 31% of the area as planned;
  • 82% reduction in estimated cutting length